The NXTP-M25 is FujiíŽs most advanced printer ever. Extending the concept of FujiíŽs revolutionary NXT series of mounters to printing, the NXTP-M25 is part of FujiíŽs complete line solution. This high-performance, compact screen printer supports dual lane production and fits seamlessly into the line alongside FujiíŽs NXT IIc. Like the NXT IIc, the NXTP-M25 features one-sided operation and the ability to place machines back-to-back, ensuring efficient use of factory space. In addition, an option to slide units forward on their base enables quick and easy maintenance in a small space. With this printer you get unparalleled performance in the most compact of units íV the NXTP-M25 is just 650 mm wide. Combined with FujiíŽs industry leading mounters, your line will achieve the best possible productivity in the smallest area.

In addition to a small footprint, the line layout is optimal as well. Even with two printers linked together, the fronts of all the machines in the line are at the same position, meaning no awkward work paths for operators.

For more information, please go to www.fuji.co.jp.

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