Technical and Engineering Services

The FTCL Group provides an array of technical engineering services through its network of operations in Greater China (including Hong Kong). A description of the technical and engineering services provided are as follows:

Asset management services

Asset management services include supporting the customer to manage their production assets over their full life to minimize the effective ownership cost. Services include relocation of equipment, installation and re-commissioning, improvement and upgrading of existing production equipment, Spare Parts management, and third party management to facilitate the trade-in of customersí» used equipment.

Application software and automation

Seeking to provide a total solution to its customers, the FTCL Groupí»s technology team is able to design and develop middle-ware and customize software to link main computer systems to production equipment on-site.

Production equipment line and process support services

Production equipment line and process support services include customization and specialist tooling. Line optimization for customersí» specific needs, operator training in process, operation and first level maintenance.

After-sales services

After-sales services include production line consulting, installation, commissioning, warranty, out of warranty service, overhaul and upgrades. It has an established team of professional and qualified engineers that undertake after-sales services on-site as well as through its network of service centers in Greater China.

Overhaul services include system software upgrade, parts replacement, key component refurbishment and mechanical parts lubrication.

Each of its service centers maintain comprehensive inventory of Spare Parts to ensure timely repair of equipment and systems provided.

With all the above value added services that customers demand today, FTCL group ensures its CUSTOMER satisfaction is the focus of its business operations.


Quality Assurance

The FTCL Groupí»s customers are in the semiconductor and high-end PCBA industries. These industries have intrinsically high quality assurance policies, processes and procedures complementing the general ISO9001 global standards and certification.

For more than 20 years, the FTCL Group has provided PCBA and semiconductor production line equipment in accordance with its customersí» requirements which, inter alia, involve complying with various standards at an industry sector level, country standard level, SEMI standards and IPC standards.

The machinery supplied and distributed by FTCL is sourced from reputable manufacturers, such as Fuji Machine Manufacturing (Japan) and Orthodyne Electronics, and they are dependent on the quality control procedures of their business partners.

As the customers in the electronics industry operate in a highly competitive environment, timely production and delivery of quality products are critical to maintaining their competitive edge.

The FTCL Group therefore aspires to provide the best after-sales service to their customers to minimise unnecessary delays due to machinery breakdown. To achieve this goal, they have dedicated and committed technicians on 24-hour stand-by to respond quickly to their customers, including the provision of technical consultation and on-site service support. They have also stationed technicians in several locations in China close to where their main customers operate in order to minimise their response time in attending to the needs of their customers.

All the FTCL Groupí»s technicians and engineers have undergone extensive in-house training and in some cases attend certification training conducted by its equipment supply partners.