Demo and Training Center

Shanghai WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone

Demo Machines ĘC Fuji NXT II machine and Koh Young SPI machine Training Room
Software Training Training Certificate

Training Course

We could take below course at demo center:

  • FujiFlexa Software Training
  • FujiTrax Software Training
  • Fuji XPF System Training
  • Fuji NXT II Level I and Level II System Training
  • SMD Basic Training
Flexible Assembly Software Assembly Process Management System
XPF System Training NXT II Level I and Level II System Training

Advance Machine System Training

Advance Fuji NXT II Training

  • Electric Control Theory
  • CPU System Recovery
  • Motor Exchange & Adjust
  • Machine & Software Communicate and Date Transfer
  • Placing Head Maintenance & Repair


Software Application Training

Software Application Training

  • Fuji Accessory Application Training
  • FujiFlexa Programming Training
  • FujiTrax Basic Operation Training
  • FujiTrax Software System Training
  • ASG & VPD Software Training
  • Aegis Software Application Training
  • FujiFlexa Quickly Programming Training